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Our artisanal design house combines writing, design and printmaking exploring the finest elements and materials.


Each Invitation & Social Stationery suite is executed with meticulous attention to detail and flawless hand-craftsmanship. Printing and production may take anywhere from 15-30 working days depending on the complexity of the order. Production timeline will be determined by the quantity, materials, construction and/or embellishments.

Payments & Delivery

The complete package will be shipped to your address on receipt of balance payments. All invitations are meticulously hand-checked before they are sent to make sure every piece is perfectly crafted.

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How soon should we contact C&C for Made to Order?

We only take on a limited number of custom orders each year so please contact us as soon as possible about your request.

What do I expect from C&C’s design style?

C&C follows a timeless artisanal approach to design that does not limit itself to temporary trends, styles or fashionable aesthetics.
We seek to cross boundaries of time, style and cultures to create meaningful, memorable and truly unique design pieces.

How do we estimate our orders?

A great amount of detail and time goes into creating each custom order. We use the finest materials to create unique and at most
times handcraft our custom design. We explore creative ways to offer a customized quote in our range of products. Please don't
hesitate to contact us to see if we can come up with something for you within a price range

Can we get custom design other than the services listed?

We have carefully selected projects to extend our services across a wide range or requirements with our design philosophy.
You can schedule to visit our store to view a variety of design products. You can send us a request for any interesting project that C&C
can help you with.

Do you work with international clients?

We’ve closely collaborated with people across Europe, Singapore and Dubai to create custom-made invitation suites, packaging
and books. Our customers are happy to experience our collaborative design process to create truly meaningful products.

How do I get in touch or discuss a quote?

Please follow our simple process listed above to get in touch to discuss your requirements and receive a quote.

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